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Semi-important events that are semi-relevant to meteorology: August 12

1885 - Physicist Jean Cabannes is born. He specialized in optics. He showed how gas molecules diffused light (pure gases can scatter light). He, along with Jean Dufay, calculated the height of the ozone layer. Additionally, he, Daure, and Rocard showed that gases diffusing monochromatic light could also change their wavelength. This is known as The Cabannes-Daure effect.

1953 - A 7.3 magnitude earthquake strikes the Greek islands of Zakynthos and Kefalonia.

1960 - NASA successfully launches the communication satellite Echo 1A. This is the first successful launching of communication satellite done by NASA.

In about 8 hours

I’ll be on a bus to Volcano Arenal! It’s going to be so awesome! And then, on Saturday, I’m going to Monteverde Cloud Forest!! This is the place I’m doing most of my climate research on!!

Listen to the Japan earthquake as the P-waves and T-waves travel underwater and are recorded by a hydrophone. →

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This is the earth, atmospheric, and planetary sciences section of the MIT Online Open CourseWare. It’s pretty great!

At least 300 people have been killed due to the tsunami and the earthquake in Japan. Around 500 are still missing.

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First wave of the tsunami in Japan →

Earthquake and a tsunami

I know this is not a meteorological phenomenon but I have a passion for all of the earth sciences, with meteorology being my number one.

Just in case you didn’t know, an 8.9 magnitude earthquake struck just off the coast of Japan earlier this morning (really early). I was awake when it happened an immediately started posting information about it on my Facebook as well as my Twitter (joshbregy4cast). Tsunami warnings were issued for many nations in the Pacific Ocean, including the United States (Hawaii and the Pacific Coast). The waves just reached the Pacific Coast and there has been some flooding but nothing too serious like what we’ve seen in Japan. I’ll post videos and whatnot.